My Hopes for 2014

By Bella Weeks

On our first summer trip, we learned a lot about the natural history of the park. Last year, we learned a lot of interesting things about the history of the culture of the park. This year, I hope to learn more about the park, just as I know everyone else is; and, along with getting to know my fellow 2016 members, I also look forward to getting to know myself more deeply than I currently do. 

As for my fundraising attempts? Last year, I went around parts of Sylva, and Bryson City, and talked to different people and businesses about our group, and our need for funds. To be honest, it was not much of a success, but I did get a few donations, and I sparked an interest in some people, even though they did not all donate. TO me, the simple fact that people listened to me talk about our group is a success in itself. My family has also helped me give out some flyers that I made. I plan on putting an add in the paper, and maybe talking to local News stations. I do not really know yet. One thing, I do plan on trying, as soon as I have the chance, is contacting a restaurant about doing a charity dinner, for our group. I had one planned, but had to cancel it. I think it would be a good idea for other members to try or think about. 

I can not wait for this summer’s trip. I miss everyone, and I always love going to Tremont, and getting to get away for awhile, while learning about the Smokies. 


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