2016’s Influences on Me

When I got to Tremont, for our first Summer trip, I was excited; but I was nervous as well. I was nervous because I did not know if everyone in our group would get along, or if any of us were alike. I quickly found out that we were different in some ways, but alike in a lot of others. I guess that is why we became just like a family. I learned, from that experience, that meeting new people, and making new friends, is a great adventure, in itself.

I have also learned how to identify more trees, birds, and plants, than I had previous knowledge of; as well as to identify some bird calls.

Although, I believe that the most important lessons that  I have learned, so far, are 1.) Teamwork is the solution to any problem, no matter its size or intensity, and 2.) I learned, from climbing the Alpine Tower, that if you push yourself, and forget the silly fears you have , such as fear of heights, then you can open up gateways to the world, and do anything and everything that you set your mind to; and I want everyone to know that that is the best way to live your life!

– Bella Weeks


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