Working Together

By Bella Weeks

On our first trip there were many moments when some in our group started becoming very pessimistic about the rain and the cold. On one occasion Gina and Caleb stepped out of the equation and left us to use teamwork to figure out how to take that pessimist and turn their thinking around. As a group we kept on pushing them to keep going; and telling them that they could get where we were going. We “cheered” for and stayed positive for them. When we started getting closer to our destination it was a relief to hear them begin to be more positive than negative. All in all the trip was amazing, but it wasn’t just getting to our destination, it was the trip itself which made me marvel over how teamwork can keep a group going.

Hard work earns you real rewards and is the best way to learn about yourself. Working hard also shows your true work ethic,which in turn, gives you more motivation to work harder.

We had to work hard to stay optimistic throughout our first hike together. For the most part I was a bundle of energy, and believe me, I had to work hard to keep that up! I loved being where I was, doing what I was doing, and getting to know my fellow 2016’ers, as well as Gina and Caleb.

Something that everyone in this world fears on some level are the consequences for our stupid moments; moments when we act before stopping to think about our actions. Teamwork helps to slow us down, because when you are working with a team, you have to listen to everyone’s ideas, as well as input your own. When you are in a group you tend to stop and think about how your actions will effect, not only yourself, but you group as well.

We had to use teamwork throughout our trip. We had to work together to help everyone stay optimistic. We also did a lot of talking and thinking together. I love being in EYS Class of 2016, because I get to learn more about how to save our parks, and to keep them the way they are. I also love it because I know that I will make lifelong friendships with the people I have met so far.

I just wish that more people could share my love for the park, and I am going to try my best to persuade more people to get out and enjoy it!!!


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